Clap Switch

Simple Clap Switch Using IC 741 and 4017

Circuit Description :-

Today we are going to make a simple clap switch circuit.This is a simple clap switch circuit with high sensitivity. It switches ON/OFF electrical appliances through claps.In the circuit, I will control a single relay using clap switch. The circuit can sense the sound of claps from a distance of 1-2 meters.

The main component of this circuit is the Electric Condenser Microphone, This Microphone used as a sound sensor and converts sound energy into electrical energy,

this circuit is mainly based on the two ICs i.e. Op-Amp.741 and CD4017. IC CD4017 which is a CMOS counter/divider IC.

Components Required

  • IC 4017                                     – 1
  • IC 741                                       – 1
  • Resistors(10K)                          – 1
  • Resistors(1K)                            – 2
  • Resistors(22K)                          – 1
  • Resistors(470R)                        – 2
  • Resistors(100R)                        – 1
  • RED LED                                 – 1
  • Diode (1N4007)                        – 1
  • Green LED                               – 1
  • Microphone                              – 1
  • Relay(9v)                                  – 1
  • BC547                                       – 1
  • variable resistor(1k)                 -1
  • Battery / Adapter(9V)              -1

Circuit Diagram

In (IC 4017) 8 no. pin connected to GND and 16 no. pin connect to 9 volt

PCB of Clap Switch Circuit

I have made a simple PCB circuit for the above mentioned clap switch can also try on zero PCB Boards.


When you clap or any sound of approximately same pitch of Clap sound. this sound signal is converted into the electrical signal by the condenser microphone.These sound vibrations are given to the inverting input of IC 741 and Its amplifies the sound collected by the Microphone.Resistor R1,R2 and VR2 variable resistor adjust the sensitivity of the amplifier.Resistor R3 set the sensitivity of Microphone.The amplified output pulses from IC1 (IC 741)  passes to the input of  IC2 (CD 4017). CD4017 receives a clock signal through the clock input and it turns ON all the 10 outputs one by one, every time it gets the clock input pulse.When you clap once, the relay is activated and the Fan (or any load) is turned ON. When you clap for the second time, the relay is deactivated and the Fan is turned OFF.

Clap Switch Circuit Summary

  • this circuit is helpful for you If you wish to ON and OFF the device or electrical appliances through claps without moving from your place.
  • You can also control speed of the fan by connecting regulator with individual outputs of CD4017.
  • The other use of this circuit is that there is no fear of the electrical shocks as you are not required to touch any of the mechanical switches physically.


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  2. Give pcb circuit. I need to print on board

  3. May be make it without 741 ic

    1. yes….use transistor base amplifier

  4. Can you show the step by step process instead of that hand magic because it is highly needed and can you send us the link of the video you made.thanks in advance. We need it ASAP

  5. Morning. Please send your prise list THANKS

  6. Shayad apke circuit diagram me ic2 me 16 and8 pin Di Nahi hai aur aapke circuit jo apne video me hai usme 8pin ,16pin kisi se connect hai

    1. 8 no. pin connected to GND and 16 no. pin connect to VCC

  7. Apne components required main 22k Ka rasistor Likha nahi hai our diagram main dikhaya gaya hai matlab Mai mistake hai ?

    1. Friend… Circuit Diagram is correct

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