200 Watt Inverter

How to make 200 Watt Inverter

This circuit diagram. Built based on IC CD4047 inverter circuit can
convert 12VDC to 220VAC and 50-60Hz frequency and Square
wave signal. In this use IC CD4047 Square wave Oscillator at 50Hz and use LM358 for buffer circuit. The transformer is 12V-0-12V Primary and 220V Secondary. Power Transistor IRF250 x 2 For driver transformer 220V ac and other Power Transistor mosfets
IRF540 is also use. IC CD4047 will work in the astable
multivibrator mode. In the CD4047 are pin 10 and 11 are Q and ~Q from. This AC is given to the step up transformer of the secondary coil. 220VAC- up to 200w transformer from 12V lead acid battery.

200 Watt Inverter circuit diagram:-

PCB Board:-

Components Required:-

  • 12v Battery
  • Op-amp LM358
  • IC – CD4047
  • RED LED(1)
  • 470R ohm Resistor (2)
  • 1k ohm Resistor (3)
  • 390k ohm Resistor (1)
  • Variable Resistor 100k
  • 200W transformer (12V-0-12V)
  • Power Transistor IRF250 x 2
  • Bulb or any AC appliance
  • Capacitor (0.01uF)


  1. 1.IC-4047 CMOS as Simple astable multivibrator
  2. 2.output will be a square wave
  3. 3. Positive- or negative-edge trigger
    4. Output pulse width independent of trigger pulse duration
    5. Retriggerable option for pulse width expansion
    6. Long pulse widths possible using small RC components
    7. Fast recovery time essentially independent of pulse width
    8. Pulse-width accuracy maintained at duty cycles

Operational Amplifier LM358:-

  1. LM358 is a Dual Low Noise Operational Amplifier which have two Op Amp in a single chip.
  2. LM358 consists of two independent, high-gain, frequency-compensated operational amplifiers designed to operate from a single supply over a wide range of voltages.
  3. LM358 is a Dual voltage comparators inside.
  4. This is a general purpose op amp which can be configured in many modes like comparator.

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