Single Relay IR Remote Controller Module

Single Relay IR Remote Control Module using TSOP1738 & CD4017

In this  project, I have shown how to make an Direct AC Supply IR sensor switch using the 4017 IC and 1738 IR receiver. This circuit Direct AC Infrared remote control Circuit which can be used to control home appliances and devices.

Normally, we use remote controls to turn ON or OFF appliances like TV, DVD Player, Music System, etc.  this project works on Direct 220 V mains supply.   These IR sensor are capable of Receiving 38 KHz IR signals from any Remote control.

So We can use any IR Remote control to turn ON or OFF home appliances by using IR Remote.

The IR remote control circuit diagram :-

Required Components for the Project:-

  1. TSOP 1738 IR Receiver
  2. IC 7805
  3. CD4017 IC
  4. 12-volt SPDT Relay
  5. BC547 NPN Transistor
  6. BC558 PNP Transistor
  7. Diode 1N4007 = 5,
  8. Zener Diode 1N4742 = 2,
  9. Electrolytic Capacitor 1000uf/35v = 2,
  10. Electrolytic Capacitor 100uf/25v = 3,
  11. Electrolytic Capacitor 10uf/25v = 1,
  12. Capacitor 0.1μF = 2,
  13. 25-watt resistor 1KΩ = 1,
  14. 25-watt resistor 1.5KΩ = 2,
  15. 25-watt resistor 390KΩ = 1,
  16. 25-watt resistor 220KΩ = 1,
  17. 25-watt resistor 47Ω = 1,
  18. Capacitor 1k/400v
  19. Resistor 33Ω/1watt = 1,
  20. Resistor 10Ω/1watt = 1,
  21. Output Green LED= 1,
  22. Power Red LED= 1,

PCB Board :-

PCB Board pinout :-

Manufacturing PCB Board Photos :-

TSOP1738 pinout Details:-

  • TSOP 1738 is a 38KHz Carrier Frequency Infrared Receiver
  • They are often used in TVs, Hi-Fi systems, DVD/CD Players and other remote control applications.

CD4017 pinout Details:-

  • IC 4017 is a high voltage decade counter IC which produces 10 decoded outputs for a positive transition on the clock.
  • IC CD4017 is a 16 pin CMOS decade counter IC that is also a decoder.
  • It has the capability to turn on 10 different outputs sequentially with the desired set time and reset.
  • It is a 16 pin IC available in dual – in – line (DIP) package.

Working of the Project:-

Whenever a button is pressed on the remote control, it transmits Infrared Signals. When this signal is detected by the IR Receiver TSOP 1738, And it produces an appropriate output.

The output of the TSOP 1738 is LOW whenever it detects the Infrared signal. Since this output is connected to the input of the PNP transistor (BC558) and it is tuned ON whenever any button is pressed on the remote control.

The BC558 connected with the CLK pin (pin 14) of CD4017 IC. When the BC558 turns on, The CD4017 CLK pin receives a HIGH pulse.

If the IR remote button pressed second time, the CD4017 will receive the next clock pulse at PIN-14.So the PIN-2 will change the state (HIGH to LOW). Then the BC547 transistor will turn off and accordingly the load connected with the really also turn off.

Gerber file for PCB:-

Features & Application:-

  • Remotely Control Home Appliances (Bulb, TV, Fan etc)
  • Wireless Controlling
  • Long-Distance Communication with IR Remote

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